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We all know that one of Donald Trump’s favorite words is fake. It makes many an appearance in his limited vocabulary. But today he went too far, manufacturing a fake crisis so that he could declare a national emergency to grab money for the border wall he has become obsessed with.
This is a blatant abuse of power, a way to get around Congress and the Constitution, and another attempt to deceive the American people. Will you join me in calling on him to rescind the declaration and focus on real crises?
We do have national emergencies in this country. Low and stagnant wages are preventing families from making ends meet. Voter suppression tactics are denying citizens access to the ballot box. And our criminal justice system remains deeply biased and unfair.
Congress gave Donald Trump $1.4 billion for border security in the latest spending bill. Now we’ve got to tell him that it’s time to end the fake crisis at the border and focus on the emergencies that everyday working families are facing. Add your name today.
In solidarity,